Open forum for Motorcycle Enthusiasts

Open Forum for Motorcycle Enthusiasts, encourages to share Your thoughts and views about your journey with your bike.

Motorcycles are not only a machine made up of iron and runs on fuel…

It’s much more than that!

It’s your best companion. With it you can move can find yourself. It gives you pure fun, joy and lots of experiences.

In motobiketalks, I appreciate that those experiences are some of the important moments of your life.

So, why don’t you tell your story and share your experience with motobiketalks?

Write your experience in the form below. On successful submission and initial screening, it will be posted on the Motowall*.. a motorcycle-graffiti wall for bike lovers like YOU!

While submitting the post mind the following facts-

1. The post should be original.

2. Word count: not less than 300.

3. Use lucid language.

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