The 20 Best Balaclava of 2020: Buying guide and everything you need to know

In this article we are going to elaborate the buying guide and the best balaclava available in the market according to your need.

The most important aspect for a biker is her or her safety. Safety not only in terms of the motorcycle itself but, the safety gears also.

Balaclava also known as ski mask, is one of the important head gear not only for the motorcycle enthusiasts, but also for snow sports, hikers, cycling, car racing etc.

It’s designed in such a way that only selected part of the face is exposed. In some of the balaclava, only the eyes are open while, head, face and neck are totally covered, in some cases, only the face and neck is covered.

Balaclava is used in different types of climatic conditions to protect the head, face and neck from extreme cold, extreme heat, sweat as well as wind blast and dusts. The materials used in balaclava ranges from cotton to polyester even linen.


In hot and extreme hot condition, riders usually prefer cotton balaclava. On the other hand in the mountainous and cold condition, linen and polyester is a better option as it can retain the heat for relatively longer time and helps you ride longer distance without exhaustion.

On the basis of situation, the user can roll it and cover only face and neck while in some case neck only.

If you are looking for a balaclava for you, we can help you to find the right one.

Take a look at each of the product and their elaboration to choose the right one.

This is one of the perfect balaclava masks for your long ride as it is cozy and snuffle.

It covers the head, face and neck perfectly at the same time it’s not too tight. It is an ultimate protection gear from wind blasts, dust, pollution, heat and cold.

Due to its premium stretchability, it is a seamless fit for both men and women. Its light weight nature (only 41 g) makes it so comfortable that you will never feel the fatigue of your long rides.

The balaclava is made up of cool pass high performance fibers so it can be used in both in warm and cool water condition. Quick Dry, Moisture Wicken and Breathable Mesh Function enable riders to have flawless circulation.

It can be used individually as well as under any helmets. Other than motorcycling, it can be used for cycling, outdoor works, hinting, skiing as well as for tactical training.


+ Light weight.

+ Full face coverage.

+ Suitable for long wearing.

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Vega balaclava is made up of Light Microfibre Material. Its snug fit easily adjusts with your face and protects you from the wind and dust during the long tour.

If you want to adjust or remove it for the purpose of drinking water or take lunch, its really easy.

The material used in the manufacturing of the product is really light and durable at the same time not too thick.

If you can take proper care it can give its best for long time. The shape of Vega balaclava is such that its really manageable and have single layer which makes it lot more comfortable.

Its not only suitable for warm condition but also good for cold climate. The best part is its weight. Its only 60 g!

Other than motorcycling and ski, it can be used for on field summer training, racing, and cycling.


+ Single layer.

+ Light weight.

+ Durable and long lasting.

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If you are looking for a ultra-lightweight, unisex balaclava with cooling fabric, GoFree balaclava is one of the best options. Its micro ventilation holes enable heat and air passage much easier.

Its moisture wicking capability keeps you dry inside. The marital used in the manufacturing feels gentle on the skin and does not create any itching or burning effect due to its flat-lock stitching method and helps long wearing as it weighs only 50 g.

As the balaclava is for unisex, the fabric is designed in such a manner that while removing it, it put least impact on long hair especially for women.

GoFree balaclava easily adjusts with the contour of the head and the face and fits perfectly, thanks to its revolutionary stretchable character.

The particular balaclava comes in 4 colours- Apple red, cool pink, graphite grey and ocean blue.


+ Perfect finish and quality.

+ Fast moisture wicking.

+ Unisex design.

+ Range of colours.

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A complete face cowl balaclava hood style masks can be worn to assist your complete face keep you warm when you want it most.

Other than using it as hat or mask, you can use it as neck gaiter for better ventilation.  People use Fabseasons balaclavas for cycling, trekking, tactical training, other than motorcycling.

It mainly comes as camouflage as base with three colours- Beige, Green and White. The premium quality of the product can assure to lasts long under any climatic condition.

The soft lucious polyester material used for the production of the balaclava makes it really comfortable and robust. The mask is also designed in such a way that the size fits almost any head structure for both men and women. And last but not the least, its suitable for all season.

That means you can enjoy your ride in any season without any concern regarding your skin and face from dust and wind blasts.


+ Soft and comfortable.

+ Durability.

+ Light weight (40 g)

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This is bit out of the box in did but really worth every penny. Eforestore 6 in 1 balaclava is made up of double sided fleece. The particular model is known as cube head model.

The mask has an elastic string on both the side so that after putting it you can adjust the string according to your face and head. The material used in manufacturing the mask is best suited for cold climate.

As the cloth is thick it can retain the heat of the body for long time.

And lastly the stitching quality is up to the mark for long durability.


+ For cold climate.

+ Extra sting for adjustment.     

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This mask can be work individually as cap or can be used under any helmet. The face of the balaclava has silicone fabric wear-resistant with holes for easy breathing.

The overall quality is good and also skin friendly. The fabric is 100% cotton with soft and comfortable texture.

The flexibility is top class to give you the best out of it.


+ Top quality cotton fabric.

+ Suitable for cold climate.     


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Riada provides multifunctional premium performance that is known for its wicking, durability and abrasion resistance.

Its fabric is wrinkle free and soft at the same time it keeps you warm and dry in your long journey. Other than its 4 way stretchability its non-irritating to your skin.

It best suited for summer and keeps you cool all day long.   


+ Wrinkle free.

+ Abrasion resistance.

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If you are looking for a polyester based, skin friendly, soft and breathable balaclava, then Grandbiker anti-slash might be one of the best one.

Its ergonomic design fits your face and neck effortlessly.

Snug wearing, pores and proper opening for air circulation allows user to breath normal and effortlessly.

Other than its multiple uses it can be used as a cap or can be worn under any helmet.


+  Snug fit.

+ Ergonomic design.

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If you are looking for double sided fleece and cube head model, BuyBack balaclava would be the perfect chose for you. 

The elastic string on both the side adjust the top cover according to your need. 


+ Double sided fleece.

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I have tried to deliver the best possible information in this article. Hope this will help you in you decision making.

Thanks a lot!

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